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With the aim of strengthening and consolidating the identity of the Schools of the Diocese of Mallorca, on 19 July 2018 the Bishop of Mallorca, His Excellency and the Reverend Monsignor Sebastià Taltavull I Anglada, canonically erected the Ramon Llull Diocesan Foundation. In any case, each of the schools that form part of the Foundation has its own particular history, some of which dates back to the 16th century.

The identity of the Foundation is based on the commitment to the mission of educating integrally - with particular attention to the disadvantaged - from the perspective of Christian humanism, proposing faith as a personal, free and conscious option, lived in community and projected towards society through testimony and commitment. In such a way that those who receive this type of Christian education in the Diocesan Schools of Mallorca can harmoniously develop their moral, intellectual and physical skills; acquire full sense of responsibility and prepare themselves to participate actively in social life.

Consequently, the promotion, guidance and coordination of the training and teaching work of the Diocesan Schools of Mallorca constitutes the Foundation's own objective, which it develops in accordance with its ideology, educational principles and current legislation. As for the educational model pursued by the Foundation, it is part of an authentic investigation of the Truth and the integral growth of the students so that they respond to their true vocation: to live with the dignity of the children of God, being responsible citizens. In this direction, the pedagogical model, always in conformity with the Magisterium of the Church, is eminently critical, charitable, committed to justice, communitarian and open to transcendence. Thus, in the words of the Bishop of Mallorca, the horizon is "to educate by evangelizing and to evangelize by educating". (PEI)



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